ASAH is Graduating

Our journey began in 2008 when we committed to Protect, Educate, and Empower orphaned girls from South Sudan.

In this first quarter of 2023, most of our students have graduated, are seeking employment, have enrolled in Child Voice International (CVI), or joined the Leadership Academy of South Sudan (LASS). In fact, we are very proud of Deborah Athok who was recently accepted into LASS. This is a highly competitive program and interview process, which she successfully accomplished. This now enables her to receive two years of leadership training followed by enrollment in the university system.

Our youngest, Deborah Aduk, 14, is finishing her P7 (primary school) and living with one of our staff in Gulu, Uganda. In early 2024, we expect her to join other former ASAH students at CVI for vocational training. We are also assisting the three students who received tuition waivers at St. Noa Boarding school in Kampala, Uganda. They will complete S4 (high school) and apply to LASS in early 2024. ASAH will then begin to dissolve its non-profit status and Uganda/United States operations.

The breadth and depth of our mission today could not have been imagined in 2008. What started as an after-school program in the small village of Duk Payuel evolved into 43 young women and 3 young men, attending school, learning English, choosing vocational or professional training, and seeking employment. Perhaps even more vital were the kinship connections established coupled with stability and safety during significant unrest in their home country.

For those who return to South Sudan, their reality will be challenging. However, while immeasurable, future cycles of forced marriage and illiteracy may be positively impacted for descendants of these ASAH students.

ASAH’s Graduation is truly the result of the care, generosity, and loyalty of our donors throughout the journey. Our board would like to express a profound thank you to those who directly sponsored a student, to those who donated monthly toward general operations, and to those who responded to specific calls of action along the way. You helped us raise funds along the way to see our students cross their finish lines!

Now, 15 years later ASAH is proud to say all remaining students will soon be crossing their finish lines, and alongside them, ASAH too, will be crossing the finish line.

ASAH will gratefully be accepting donations through June 30, 2023, which will position us to graduate the remaining students in our care.

After that date, for those of you who have recurring, automatic payments, Calyn (our accountant) will discontinue them for you. There is nothing further you need to do. If you have any questions about payments, please contact us.

For any of you interested in staying engaged in the support of South Sudanese young women, CVI would be an excellent choice. They have a mission that aligns with ASAH’s and a holistic approach to equipping those in their care for a life of self-empowerment. We have partnered with CVI over the years, and three of our students transitioned there from ASAH for comprehensive vocational training over the next two years.