Please Donate Now

Your donations will enable ASAH to complete the next step in our mission to Protect, Educate, and Empower vulnerable orphans from the Republic of South Sudan.

The ASAH Journey is nearly complete, its vision and mission nearly fulfilled. You have courageously stepped up and traveled the journey with us, and we’re so very grateful.

ASAH’s final goal is to support our students in Uganda through 2021. We hope our top graduates will be accepted at Leadership Academy of South Sudan. This nonprofit enables students to complete two additional years of high school, and then they support them in college. Another option is ChildVoice, a US funded nonprofit teaching vocational skills. Some may join a vocational program at the YMCA in Kampala. Four girls have qualified for a Women’s Leadership program.

Your financial support has built a boarding school, paid for on-site guardians and mentors, provided clothing and food, medical attention, and funeral expenses. You’ve protected every girl from forced marriage and given them a vision of self-fulfillment. You have done so much, and now we are asking you to consider one last request.

Please help us move all the ASAH students to independence. During this final year of ASAH’s journey, $300,000 will ensure that all our students finish their schooling and chart a course to secure their futures. We’re asking you, our important, longstanding donors to make this goal a reality.

Donations can be made online by credit card through a secure merchant system or by mail. You can choose annual, monthly, or quarterly payments. Please contact us by phone or email if you have additional questions.

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Caring Catalog Fundraiser

ASAH also participates in the Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation’s annual Caring Catalog fundraiser.

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