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ASAH was featured in Area Women Magazine, pages 56 & 57.

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Rebecca Achol

We’re heartbroken over the recent loss of Rebecca Achol, one of our first 11 girls. She’d completed the ASAH program and moved to South Sudan to look for work. Sadly, she contracted both typhoid and malaria, and though she was taken to a hospital, she didn’t survive. She was an excellent role model for our students, and we’re all deeply affected by this loss.

Coronavirus Update - 12/14/2020

In keeping with ASAH’s mission to Protect, Educate, and Empower the ASAH girls, we are continuing to do so during the COVID-19 outbreak. Uganda immediately closed borders and schools and imposed strict curfews, which has contained the virus spread so far. Our staff transported 18 students to refugee camps to stay with extended family. Fourteen of our students—without relatives in Uganda or who needed to focus on graduation exams—were split up between the homes of our two staff and their families and the home of Joseph Akol Makeer, ASAH co-founder. Our students in the camps are participating in a country-wide, virtual education program implemented via radio. Six students were able to return to St. Noa boarding school to prepare for their exams in the spring, and three are attending online college courses. The country may reopen schools in January 2021, but there are many variables impacting that decision.