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Giving Hearts Day and Collaborating with the Consortium

by JoRelle Grover


Giving Hearts Day and Collaborating with the Consortium


This Feb 8th is Giving Hearts Day for North Dakota. It is a state-wide day of online giving dedicated to non-profits and we are excited to be participating in it for the first time this year! On Feb 8th the Giving Hearts Day webpage will become active. Visit GivingHeartsDay.org on that day to donate.

Impact Foundation, ran by the Dakota Medical Foundation, connects donors with organizations that are working to make North Dakota a better place. Its online giving website enables charitable giving any time and any place, allowing people to donate with ease. Every year, the Impact Foundations holds a 24-hour online day of giving called Giving Hearts Day. In the last 10 years, over 41 million dollars have been raised for non-profits in our region! On February 8th, go to the Giving Hearts Day site and double your donation with our matching gifts!

Your donation will count as double as ASAH is bless by two generous matching donors this year. We thank Richard Solberg at Bell Bank and Greg Butler at Gremada Industries who have provided a matching gift of $5,000 each, totaling a $10,00 match for the day! This match applies to all donations made on February 8th.

A large part of Giving Hearts Day is about helping our community. This year we are collaborating with the New American Consortium for Wellness and Empowerment in our advertising efforts to help spread the word about our amazing organizations. The New American Consortium works to promote wellness and empowerment by building bonds between diverse communities in the Fargo/Moorhead area. They also provide educational and leadership training. Their mission of Wellness and Empowerment is in line with ASAH’s, only their focus is in the area with New Americans while ours is South Sudanese’s orphan girls in Uganda. I hope you think of them along with ASAH on Giving Hearts Day.

We want to thank our community for their incredible capacity in giving back. It is because of you that we are one of the most generous regions in the world! ASAH looks forward to seeing how Giving Hearts Day will continue to Protect, Educate, and Empower our girls. ASAH girls will change their world!

About the Author

JoRelle GroverJoRelle Grover

Executive Assistant at ASAH

JoRelle is a cultural anthropologist, a printmaker, a gardener, and a lover of books and knowledge. She holds an MA in cultural anthropology with a cross-cultural conflict resolution focus from Western Washington University, and a BS in both anthropology and fine art from North Dakota State University. Due to her mother growing up in Burundi, the plight of young girls and their protection, education, and empowerment in Central and East Africa is constantly on her heart. She looks forward to utilizing her skills, education, and background to helping others.



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