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Meet Rachel Abuk

by JoRelle Grover


 Meet Rachel Abuk  


Rachel Abuk loves to help people. She jumps to help teachers or comfort a sick classmate. She dreams of becoming a doctor. She is really good at helping sick people, and that lead her interest in medicine. Rachel would love to treat orphaned children because she knows what they go through. She wants to give back to others.

Rachel’s favorite school subject is physics and she loves to read in her free time. The 17-year-old has a practical approach to things. When asked what makes her smile, she replied “Things that make me smile, make me smile.”

Beans and rice are her favorite food, red and yellow are her favorite colors, and her favorite animal is an elephant. One day she would love to go to New York City. She is in awe of how it is the center of import and export in the world. 

The most influential person in her life is her uncle, and her best memories are of her grandmother. Rachel says that the person she admires the most is Deb because of all the ways she has taken care of her. So far, the best thing that has happened this year is that she was sick with appendicitis but is now healed.

We are so happy to have Rachel in our program!


About the Author

JoRelle GroverJoRelle Grover

Executive Assistant at ASAH

JoRelle is a cultural anthropologist, a printmaker, a gardener, and a lover of books and knowledge. She holds an MA in cultural anthropology with a cross-cultural conflict resolution focus from Western Washington University, and a BS in both anthropology and fine art from North Dakota State University. Due to her mother growing up in Burundi, the plight of young girls and their protection, education, and empowerment in Central and East Africa is constantly on her heart. She looks forward to utilizing her skills, education, and background to helping others.



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