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Meet Martha Ayen

by Debra Dawson

Martha Ayen 


Martha Ayen wants to be a doctor, because she loves to help people. Her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. Working in the medical field fits. Martha says that it's important to help others and treat them if they are sick or wounded. At the refugee camp, she finds that the best way she can help is by cooking and washing clothes for people who have trouble doing it themselves. Some of her best memories are the ways she has helped others and the time she's spent studying. She loves that school gives her knowledge that she can turn around and use to advise people who have problems.

Martha loves singing gospel songs and reading the Bible in her free time. As one of our older students at age 21, she has a vivid memory of life before South Sudan became an independent country. Family has meant everything to her. The most influential person in her life was her mother. She remembers her mom's advice when she was a little girl. Her grandma has a great sense of humor. She "makes funny," and Martha smiles.

If Martha could visit any place in the world, it would be China. Martha thinks China has an interesting culture, but she's never been there. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite animasl are bunnies. The best thing that has happened to her so far this year was learning how to cook cakes while at ChildVoice International, a vocational training program. Martha’s favorite food is Awalwala, which is a sweet porridge. We are so pleased that Martha Ayen is in our program!



Ingredients                           Method

Serves 4 people                      15 Minutes

4 cups maize unga flour           Boil 7 cups of Water

1 cup wheat flour                    Slowly add the paste to the boiling water and keep stirring   

3 spoons of oil                        Cook and simmer for 15 minutes under medium heat

Sugar                                    Add sugar to taste, Serve warm


*Recipe provided by Makuei C. on cookpad.com


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Debra DawsonDebra Dawson

Deb Dawson is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, businesswoman, teacher, humanitarian, and philanthropist. She holds a B.S. Ed. in Education and English, and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her role as mother to biological, step, and internationally adopted children led her to write When Love is Not Enough, a memoir about the way mothers and daughters forge relationships in the face of tremendous obstacles.


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